Actors Not Working 1.3.1f02 Issue - Anyone Seen This Problem?

  • Reported this as a bug already. Has anyone else had the same issue described below?
    Freshly installed, licensed, IsadoraCore Beta 1.3.1f02 will not allow normal click of actor and placement of actor on main canvass. I can select actor in left panel, but do not get the normal "+" when hovering over the canvass. The scene is active and green below.

    When I then, instead, double-click on the editing canvass and get the popup actor search dialog, and select an actor like Projector, either Isadora does NOT place the actor on the canvass, or the application sometime crashes.

    All Preference settings are the default settings and FreeFrame plugins are installed in their normal location.

    However, previoius versions of Izzy work just fine, with exactly the same Default preference settings.

    IsadoraCore1.3.0f32 works just fine under exactly the same circumstances  (and so does 1.3.1f01, which I think is the same version per the forum) .

    So I think it's an issue specific to IsadoraCore1.3.1f02.  Perhaps related to Mountain Lion, though I doubt it, because I was seeing the same issue earlier last night under Lion 10.7.6 on the same computer before I upgraded to Mountain Lion to see if that would fix the problem.

    If it IS a 3rd party tool, e.g. something with Quicktime or some other offending component, then it is ONLY affecting IzzyCore 1.3.1f02…

  • on my mbp it's working fine both on 10,6,8 and 10.7.5, no issues

  • some 3rd party QC plugins can cause strange graphical UI behaviors in IsadoraCore  (screen capture) one of them, in my setup the plugin was active in the scene, other programs using the QC components could be as well sources, and Quicktime components, noticed changes in Izzy and QC with OSX 10.8, they can lead to unexpected never  seen before crashes, think it is important to keep track of what you install and how to clean up again.



    IsadoraCore 1.3.1f02 OSX 10.8 3rd party QC plugins