World Stage Design 2013 isadora Workshop (Cardiff, Wales, UK)

  • Tech Staff

    _"This one day course will cover key areas of the Isadora software. And its use as an interactive tool. The workshop will cover many topics that are relevant to a wide range of disciplines including dance, theatre, VJ/DJ and technician/installation._
    _Delegates will have the opportunity to gain an insight including real-life tips and tricks, from one of the UK’s top Isadora experts."_

  • Nice one!

  • Tech Staff

    Thanks :)

    If anyone is at this conference come and say hello!

  • i've lit a dance piece thats being performed there, but i'm not sure exactly where and when its on...

  • Tech Staff

    Brill @dbini

    Well I arrive about 8:30PM on the Thursday but I get a train back about 4:30PM on the Friday.

  • and that week i'll be working elsewhere in Cardiff on research for a new dance/theatre piece that uses LEAPmotion, Isadora and projection mapping onto props. (if i can get my LEAP communicating with Izzy properly by then....)

    do you know if you've had many people sign up for your course?

  • Tech Staff

    No I don't have any access to data; i've been sub-booked via a lecturer.

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