• Hi all  !! im working on a music concert with some pictures as a background. So...

    1- I need to project in automatic way 40 pictures and make crossfade using one single picture player. Is it possible? any ideas or other way to do it?
    2- any ideas for creating interactive visual effects with this pictures
    thank you very much

  • HI Max,

    Use two picture players and a video mixer actor that is connected to a Projector actor. 
    Then you can change the index number of one of the picture players, while you are playing the other picture. Then cross fade back to the other picture player etc. This is easy to do manually using the mouse.
    However to do this in an automatic way means you need to set up some triggers and counters to change the index numbers of the picture players.  
    But set it up manually first and take a look at how that works. 
    Cheers, jamie

  • ps. If you want to add visual effects, add them to the stream of video between the picture player and the projector.

    pps.. which city are you in? I have a five day Isadora workshop in London in August... 

  • hi Jamie !!  im in buenos aires.... the 2 pictures players i had done, i wanted to know if a could no to use triggers and counters etc.

    about the interactivity  because im using something static, as a background of the music, im looking for ideas maybe using the sound level watcher and so oto capture the ambient sound and the the possibility to manipulate the pictures in an interesting way (not zoom in out etc)
    thanks again !!
    ps:all my user actors are missing  !! could it be for the new update?

  • User actor problem solve !!

  • Beta Tester

    You could technically do this with a freeze actor and a single picture player but it would be significantly easier to use two picture players and two projectors and then envelope generators to fade between them.

  • thanks Matthew !! about the Freeze idea : how you make the fade in between pictures?

  • Beta Tester

    Basically you freeze a picture, fade to the frozen picture, change the original picture player to a new picture, and fade back to the original picture player. Again, though, I can assure you with absolute certainty that there is no application for which it wouldn't be a better solution to use two seperate picture player actors.