Show Text for a short time by trigger (e.g. motion detection)

  • Hello,

    maybe somebody can help us. We want to show Text for some seconds. After some time the text should fade out slowly until the next trigger event is released and show again.

    What i have now i s to display Text moving random around a center.

    The idea was to work with motion blur and extreme decay value and move the text to an not visible position.

    I have no idea how to show the text by trigger from motion tracking and i am not sure if i am on the right way with motion blur.

    I attach what i have actualy.

    Thanks in advance



  • Dear Dirk,

    The easier way is to use an Envelope Generator connected to the Projector's intensity input. Set the number of segment's in the Envelope Generator to 2, and set the values as follows
    value 0 = 100
    rate 1 = the number of seconds the text should stay at 100%
    value 1 = 100
    rate 2 = the number of seconds for the fade out
    value 2 = 0
    Then just trigger the 'trigger' input of the Envelope Generator to cause the text to appear and then eventually fade out.
    The total time the text will be visible will be 'rate 1' + 'rate 2' seconds.
    Best Wishes,

  • Dear Mark,

    thanks for fast answer.

    My case is little more complicated. I have to tell more details.

    I want to show different parts of text triggered by different positions in motion tracking area.

    The text parts should be shown and fade out also independent of each other.

    so the Projector is maybe not the right way in this case because everything will be fade out using this.



  • i found a solution using evelope generator und videoFader.

    See attachment... (trigger the envelopegenerators for showing the text)

    Dirk 03fa9e-text_move_example.izz