• ey ey!

    I am working on Isadora 1.3.fc31. 
    the thing is that the application doesnt allow me to record in this version. I think I started a discussion on this, but we didnt find the problem. So when I want to record the stage, I open the project in Isadora 1.3.0f24\. and the message attached appeared. apparently I have a loop that this version doesnt like (I really wouldnt know which feedback is refering to)
    should I report a bug?


  • Tech Staff

    I would guess that this is due to the a change in the way request are processed in the newest versions of Isadora.
    Perhaps Mark can add to this, but I suspect this to be the case if it runs in F31
    I would suggest upgrading to the latest pre-release.

  • Dear camilozk,

    Please send me the patch off list so I can investigate.
    Best Wishes,

  • recording stage problem is solved in Isadora 1.3.1f06