Patch that loops live video?

  • Is this possible? I made an .iua that uses delay actors / sequential trigger / pulse generator to loop videos coming in the "video in watcher" actor, but I cant seem to get the "looping precision" I want.

    For instance it would be helpful to have a start trigger that begins to store the video and an end trigger that signals the end of the desired loop. 
    Does anyone have any insight? I've attached the "live looping actor" I made (It goes down two levels (user actor embedded in a user actor)).


  • I've played around with this sort of concept before but using a buffer actor to capture a series of frames coming from a video in watcher. Then using either an envelope generator or a wave generator to play back the sequence. It has some limitations, but it may get what you need.  I have attached a sample patch to show what I'm talking about. Maybe it will help.



  • This is amazing, I love how you can control the playback speed with the envelope generator. This is going to revolutionize my project, thank you.

  • No problem, happy to help!

  • Tech Staff

    Thats nice, thanx!


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