• hello, Please I need information to connect xbox 360 kinect. Isadora don't scan the xbox. Need a drive ? I installed only "cocoa".
    I use macbookpro Mac OS X 10.6.8 Intel Core i5 2,4 GHz Thanks

  • Sorry if I am wrong, but it seems that you have not searched this forum for ”kinect” in earnest. Please do - there is quit a bit of information about this device here and on the old forum

    Also the way you write I do not understand what you are trying to do. What do you mean by ”Isadora don't scan the xbox”? And ”I installed only "cocoa"”?
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    Also have a look at www.ni-mate.com or Synapse. Isadora will not automatically see the kinect

  • Hello, thaks for your answer. I'm trying to use a Xbox kinect  as a imput 3d camera  with Isadora. I wish mapp a dancer body

    Now I'm using ni-mate software but isadora cannot recognized the Kinect cam !
    I'm studing the problem ! I hope to resolve 
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    Kineme's Kinect Tools plugin for Quartz Composer might do what you need. Then it is simply a matter of wrapping that in a simple Quartz comp to publish the depth image output and then running that within Isadora.

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    @phoebis Isdoara will not see the Kinect in the Camera/Video input list because the Kinect is a sensor not really a camera as we think of it normally.

    Therefore you need to use either NI Mate and send it via Syphon. Or just use Quartz (Synapse, etc)
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    I've updated my Kinect Skeleton part user actor for Delicode Ni-mate. Use notes are inside the actor. Please Give me some feedback if you want.
    I don't know where to upload it in the new forum. Still a bit lost....

  • @Skulpture Thank you for posting the tutorial on how to enable Isadora to "see" the Kinect. Super!

    I've been combing through the forum for some simple advice on getting the visual data (rather than OSC numbers) into Isadora for motion tracking. What I'm after is isolating projection onto one body, but I have no way to control my space with IR light. 
    Everybody says "it's so easy," but could someone elaborate upon that besides the basic flow chart of NI Mate -> Syphon -> QC Composer -> Isadora? Is coding a requisite skill for embarking on this design adventure?
    Thanks all!
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    The work flow is as follows;
    NiMate> Isadora (via a QC Client)
    NiMate automatically sends out a Syphon feed now (in fact it sends two more info [[here]](http://www.ni-mate.com/documentation/#linear_depth) 
    In Isadora, download and install the Syphon quartz files, create a Client Syphon Actor and then;
    application name: "Delicode_NI_mate" primary feed server name: "Delicode Server" secondary feed server name: "Delicode Server 2"
    Hope this helps. No coding required. :) 
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    to upload a file you have to click "Attach a file".

    Michel e15a27-upload.png

  • @Skulpture Thanks for helping make this a bit smoother. Being still somewhat new to all this, I'm not sure if @MatthewH 's 'Syphon for Isadora' here: http://matthewhaber.com/page10/page31/ is what I should be looking for? Because it seems then I need QC in order to even open this file...

    Sorry if this is all a bit redundant; all help is appreciated.