Ni mate and unique person osc messages

  • i'm using a first generation kinect and a trail version of ni-mate 1.16.

    in researching for a september event i've hit a problem.
    so far osc messages are quick to get into izzy and to use on screen.
    the problem comes with a second person osc stream into izzy.  i don;t know how to set up ni mate for a second person.
    i have applied to join the ni mate forum to ask the question.
    i'm asking it on this forum as i hope there might be some knowledge out there i can tap into.
  • Izzy Guru

    I've just approved your account.

  • Izzy Guru

    "The user number assignment is permanent and a new user is always assigned the lowest available number. What this means in practice is that **the first active user will be given the number 1, the second the number 2 and so on.** If user 1 deactivates then the second user will still be number 2 and the next activated user will become number 1.
    **In Basic, Orientation, Basic + Orientation and Animata formats the OSC name is appended with "_[user number]". In OSCeleton format the integer number is the user number.** The Omni mode doesn't currently support multiple users."
    Hope this helps. They key bits are in bold.

  • thankyou :)

    does basic present the x,y,z of say the left hand ?
    my very quick playing seems to suggest this.
  • Izzy Guru

    I believe so - but not having the kinect in front of me working I don't want to say 100% yes.

    It seems thats the case in the [documentation.](

  • thank you @skulpture.

    working with the kinect is very frustrating as it's so difficult to see the results when working alone (inside the patch).  time for a cup of tea and to consider if kinect is viable for the project in september...
  • Izzy Guru

    Yes a lot of real time software is hard to work with; especially working solo. I find that a lot.

    I guess it depends what you are trying to do; if you need any help give me an email.
  • Beta Gold

    Having had the same problem I solved it building a control panel with numbers showing plus a 2D slider for each body part (eventhou I generally yse just hands feets and head). Police size is 50 so I can be far from the computer and calibrate.

  • @armando i like your solution.

    i'm going to consider if i can metaphorically build the bridge between what i perceive as the potential of the kinect to actually achieving it. to do this i first need to get beyond the frustrations that develop when attempting to work with the kinect.