Introducing MYO muscle tension sensor (it seems no one has posted that yet)

  • Hi,

    Their soft uses 4 single positions (2waves, fist, spread fingers ) and uses roll,

    Myo uses a sleep mode, so you activate it with doubble tap fingers which i hope won't be a problem for isadora uses.
    The vibration of the remote has different speed and phrasing so it could be interesting sending osc to the armband.

    there's a bunch of interesting features on the sdk, it's really deep:

    so i hope we'll be able to get iza tool soon...
    There's a sdk bridge for osc in C++  but hell,  I don't know how to use it...

    Thanks for your advice,
    i'm ok to test anything for you ;-)

  • Hi !

    I've one of the alpha Myo devices since April.
    I did some tests with Myo-OSC and MyOSC (OSC wrappers for Myo) some month ago and it worked.
    At that time it wasn't very easy to trigger things precisely with gestures but it may have changed with new SDK versions.
    I'll try to give it another try during Christmas holidays if I can.
    Best regards,

  • hi jgastonraoul,
    is there a simple way to use the sdk with isadora? maybe you have an actor already?
    thanks for your advice.

  • Hi Ben,

    I'm sorry but I've only used some OSC wrapper apps because it was the simplest and quickest way to get data from the device.
    But there is a Quartz Composer Plugin for Myo :
    I don't know exactly how to do that but I assume that someone here could help you to build an actor with it.
    Best regards, 

  • this seems like it could be a good way to go about getting data from dancers on stage. when using an OSC wrapper, do you get raw OSC data, or just OSC that relates to the gestures recognised by the API?

    and what is the range of the bluetooth?

  • Hi guys and thanks for your replies,

    I saw in documentation that osc should be on 7777 port but i got nothing in osculator, izadora nore max udp tester... I suppose i have to put it somewhere or run something ... I m a bit lost;-)

    John good new, they provide a bluetooth usb dongle ( myo is not recognize by traditional macbook bluetooth card) So with usb wire extension you can set it where you want.

    Yesterday i tested with vlc control app and 10 m + 2 slim walls were more or less ok, so it seems the same than traditional bluetooth.
    Bests Ben

  • cheers Ben

  • Hi,
    I found a bridge for PC or mac aviable,
    Unfortunately it doesn't work on mine,... for the moment !

    jgastonraoul i'm sorry i'm just unknowledged in Quarz, can it help me to retrive osc messages? (I thought it was dedicated to video)


  • Hi !

    I've done some tests about Myo bluetooth some months ago and it appears to be very reliable : the range is quite good (at least 10m without walls) and when I went down then up a floor disconnection and reconnection where totally transparent.
    Currently there is 2 OSC bridges (or wrapper) for Myo : 
     - Myo OSC which is a command line tool :
     - MyOSC which is an Adobe Air application :
    I've been able to have both working some months ago, but SDK versions are releasing very often and developers have some delay in there releases. I've just asked both of them to update their app I think they will do it when they'll have some time...
    On my side, i'm trying to have QCMyo working in Quartz Composer in order to be able to create an actor for Isadora. There is something wrong while loading plugin in QC and I'll try to investigate further in the next few days...

  • Hi,

    Thanks Jeremiejgastonraoul,

    Can you try to explain shorlty how you proceed to get osc in isa or max?
     (do you launch the myo connect app before? what is the osc-route? MyOSC's read me talks about sending "/myosc/register" on port 9000, with 3 arguments (string, string, int) : connectionID (arbitrary) / host (your IP) / port (to receive OSC Messages)

    Sorry to be a newbie but,
     what is a string? (else than for connecting boxes of course.. ) should i write #0 / / 6000

    the only message i got for myosc is that port is already in use...


  • Hi,

    Sorry for the delay, but I have some problems with my device which doesn't keep synced. I've emailed the support team and I'm waiting for an answer.
    Which app are you trying to use ?
    The message to send via OSC on port 9000 is : /myosc/register test 6000
    But you have to be sure that in Isadora/Preferences/Net, the OSC input port is 6000.
    I try to prepare an Isadora patch in the next few days and keep you updated...
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    Really interested in that device for dancers/performers on stage and getting OSC messages into Isadora. Directly or via Osculator...

    10 meters range sounds good, also that you can plug the bluetooth device via cable somewhere near to the stage. 
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    I'll wait to see the sync problems before diving into it

    Thanks everybody
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    I also read about a lot of sync problems in their forum

  • Hi !

    I did some more tests tonight.
    It looks like touching a metallic laptop (i.e. Macbook Pro for example) with power plugged while wearing Myo is involved in a part of syncing problems.
    With MyOSC, I can get Myo data into Isadora via OSC.
    Here are the steps : 
    - download and install MyOSC following the steps here : []( ;
    - right click on app icon, display informations and deactivate App Nap ;
    - install and launch Myo Connect ;
    - launch Isadora ;
    - launch app and click on the "+" icon to add a connection ;
    - change osc port of the connection by double clicking on the port and entering the same value that OSC port in Isadora preferences ;
    - open OSC window in Isadora and check "Auto detect inputs" ;
    - after some movements and gestures, click on "renumber ports" and close OSC window.
    Then, you just have to add osc listener actors for each input that interest you...
    Let me know if it works.
    PS : I sometimes have problems to launch MyOSC (it often crashes at startup...).
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    @jgastonraoul thanx for detailed instructions

  • thanks Jeremie, that's all useful information.

  • Just introduced my current class to the Myo and thought this video might prove useful to someone here some day. After running into issues in the room with xCode not being installed, I made a short video showing a quick overview of getting the OSC data into Isadora. The video assumes that you understand the basic networking of ip addresses and only shows the basic workflow of getting the sensor data stripped from the Myo Connect software via Myosc (which requires xCode and the myo.framwork to be installed)  broadcasting to Isadora over OSC.

  • For all those still interested in using a MYO - I have some good news.

    myOSC was great for a while, but not very stable, so i've been looking for something to replace it with and found something better.
    MyoMapper by Balandino di Donato
    I just Installed it and it instantly started kicking out useful OSC streams on port 5432.

    e2f0b6-screen-shot-2016-02-28-at-17.01.44.png c09b2c-screen-shot-2016-02-28-at-17.01.28.png

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    @dbini thats great thank you for sharing!