• This doesn't work.

    I want to run through the list of videos in the bin, check if they exist (reading out the length) and if yes play it, if no go to the next until I stumble over one with any length, then play it. And so on.
    This action of cause will cause an endless loop if all the positions in the bin are empty. And probably therefor Isadora forbids me to do so. Can I go around that? And if no, what would be another approach to scroll through a list, readout a special property, and depending from that do something or else go to the next item of the list. (see attached example)
    All the best


  • Izzy Guru

    It's true you can't pass an output value of an actor to it's own input, but if you want to do so you just have to put another actor in between, for example the "absolute value" actor.
    Well depending, you can get strange behaviors doing so.


  • Thanks Michel In my case that would be an actor that works on triggers. I tried that by putting a trigger-delay in the loop. But unfortunately, that didn't work. And I love to do some programmng to prevent funny things in the loop to happen, but first the loop has to be convinced to start loopng (-; Peter

  • i've had similar senarios to your loop thang.  my simple solution was to keep experimenting while keeping in mind what i was attempting to do, even if what i was doing evolved during the process