Isadora Update?

  • I downloaded Isadora 1.3.1f06 Pre-Release but when i try to install it there is a Message that the software on my mac is newer than the one i want to install!? Currently i´m on 0f24.

    Did i download the wrong Version?

  • Tech Staff

    Hello Peter

    You did not download the wrong version, ignore that message.


  • I feel stupid - clicked on the link to download the latest version and couldn't find the download.  Where is it?

  • Tech Staff

    Isadora pre-releases are here:

  • The download was not visible or listed on IE 8.  I used Firefox and downloaded from there.

  • @Michel. I ignored the message, have the new Version now and it works fine apart from 1 Message during Startup.

    See attached Pic for Details.


  • Tech Staff


    It seems like you have the Midi show control watcher at two places, in the Isadora app itself and at /Library/Application Support/TroikaTronix/Isadora Plugins/
    delete here: /Library/Application Support/TroikaTronix/Isadora Plugins/MIDI Show Control Watcher.izzyplug/


  • @Michel

    that was it, thanx !!

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