Isadora Full Screen/Kiosk Mode - Applescript for OS X

  • Dear All,

    In response to a user who needed this, I created the attached AppleScript that will fill the entire main display with the Isadora document window content -- i.e., the title bar is also not visible.
    To open Isadora in "Kiosk Mode", use the script **_Run Isadora Full Screen.scpt_**
    You must edit the AppleScript first, changing the DOCUMENT_PATH property to the name of the document you wish to launch. You may also edit the APP_PATH property to open a specific copy of Isadora on your machine, should you have more than one.
    Normally the goal would be to launch into the Control Panel. So you'll need to save your document with the Control Panel active, and you'll want to ensure that the Scene List, Snapshots, and Toolbox are disabled in the View menu.
    Take note that once you run this script, double-clicking the application you specified in the APP_PATH **will always launch without a menu bar!!**
    To restore the menu bar to Isadora, run the script **_Run Isadora Normal.scpt_**

  • One more point: the user in question wanted to know if we could prevent closing or quitting.

    One way around all these command keys is a Mac OS X software called **FastScripts**. It allows you to assign any AppleScript you like to any key combination. I just tested this, creating some empty AppleScripts that were assigned to Cmd-W and Cmd-Q. Look ma, no more quitting or closing or quitting! ;-)
    Best Wishes,
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    This is brilliant!

  • For a kiosk I would also assign Cmd-Tab (cycles through running apps, would get you into finder), and Cmd-alt-esc (brings up task monitor and enables you to quit applications) - I always try those on demo machines in stores ;)

  • Hi, I've just found this as I want to do the same thing - full screen control panel - and I'm getting the following error when I try to run the script:

    Can’t make POSIX file "/SecretGarden1.3.izz" of application "Finder" into type alias.
    I'm new to scripts in general so may be doing something stupid!
    Mac Mini 2.5 i5, OSX 10.8.4, Isadora Core 1.3.1f06
    Thanks, Kit

  • Dear Kit,

    You need to have the full path to your file specified. Is the file at the "root" level, meaning on your main hard drive? (Where the "Applications" folder is?) If not, then you need the full path.
    For instance, if the file was on the desktop, you'd need something like
    where MY_USER_NAME_HERE is your user name.
    Is that the problem?
    Best Wishes,

  • Thanks Mark, the script ran without error once I put the full path in. However, it doesn't seem to have changed anything - is there something else I need to do? Sorry to be dim!

    In the meantime I did find a different route for hiding the menu bar - adding a couple of lines to the info.plist file as described in [this article]( 
    This does have the advantage that the menu reappears when you move the cursor up there with a mouse, but will always be inaccessible on a touch screen. The downside is that it's still possible to minimise or close the window accidentally by touching the top left corner. 
    Best wishes,

  • When you say " it doesn't seem to have changed anything" do you mean the window doesn't fill the screen? Or?

    And what version of Mac OS are you using?
    -- M

  • Sorry, yes I mean it looks exactly as it did before running the script - the menu bar is still visible, as is the frame around the Isadora window. I'm using 10.8.4 and a Lilliput USB touch screen monitor as the main screen showing the control panel, with 1 stage on an HDMI projector. The USB monitor has been a bit of a pain to be honest, but everything seems stable as it is now, so I'm reluctant to update anything…


  • Fullscreen-Mode is exactly what I am looking for. Is this also possible for Windows?

  • there a possibility for Windows now to get fullscreen of the controlwindow for using a touch screen???

  • Interesting - this is what I'm looking for too, and it's not working.  Running the script doesn't change anything.

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    @flick said:

    Interesting - this is what I'm looking for too, and it's not working.  Running the script doesn't change anything.

     Yes sorry this was from 3/4 years ago. It probably needs updating. 

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    I am revisiting this post - just wondering if this is possible for Windows as well as Mac?