Structure Scan in Madmapper and Isadora

  • Structure scan in Madmapper allows to "automatically" map images to complex 3d objects using Structured Light. The MadmapperDemo does not allow to execute a full Scan-Map cycle, however (it only allows to verify that the camera is seeing by madmapper, performs the scan, but does not allow for the mapping part).

    So, in theory, I think Madmapper Structure Scan and mapping should work with Isadora (using Syphon). However, before I write off 299 Euros for the Madmapper license, it would be nice if somebody would testify handson to the veracity of the  Madmapper Structure Scan and Isadora assumption.
    This is how this should work I think:
    1\. Structure scan the object using Madmapper Structure Scan feature.
    2\. Modify the obtained image without changing the size of the object's rendering (that is, use masks, change colors, apply effects, but don't change the pixel geometry of the main object).
    3\. Feed the images obtained on step 2 to madmapper through the Syphon bridge from Isadora.
    One potential problem where the automaticity may be broken in the above is the resolution change that may happen when image goes through the Syphon bridge. If that is the case, manual adjustments may be required, which is big put off in some scenarios.
    While we are at it: one issue with the structure scan/mapping workflow in Madmapper seems to be that it is not usable when the stage changes even a little bit. Say, I mapped everything precisely on a given stage, the stage elements are then disassembled and put together again later, small variations in locations of the objects are introduced. This means that the whole process, including step 2 above, has to be repeated from scratch.
    Thanks for sharing your experience.