• I know this can be done, as I had it going more or less accidentally.  But now I can't replicate it.   I want to be able to choose form multiple Syphon servers which are published by different applications.  Ultimately I would like to choose between several Jitter patches.

    I understand that each server has a different name, but I am not 100% certain that I am doing that part correctly. I can choose between them using Syphon Recorder, so I know they are being published, and if I have one instance of a SyphonClient and a SyphonClientQC actor they each get a different syphon feed into Isadora.
    But what is with the "stages" input on these actors? Every time I select a stage other than 1 I get nothing at all. Are these Izzy stages or Syphon stages? What does it all mean...? ;)
    I know, I know, Why can't I be satisfied with just two syphon feeds?......;)
    The answer is because I would like to be able to use jitter easily within Isadora, and even if I could get three layers I would be pretty happy, as I could change them more dynamically as I love the performance structure of Izzy but love the generative video powers of Jitter.
    Any help is appreciated.  Syphon is awesome, but some parts of the explanations remain opaque to me.   There are a lot of very similar sounding terms.
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    You might thane to duplicate the Syphon Quartz files (Syphon Client, Syphon Client 2, Syphon Client 3, etc)

    And then in Jitter give the pathways different names.

  • Thanks, this sort of works, but it's rather unpredictable.

    Or perhaps just slow, so that I can't see why it works sometimes but not others. 
    So what are the "stages" in this context? 
    Any idea how to specify the stage from the Syphon Server? 

  • So I got i figured out.  I have a mess of different versions of the QC Syphon actor, some from Quartz, some from FreeFrame, some from Matthew Haber...   And it's the one called QC Syphon (Client, Server) v1.0 and which needs to be placed in the FreeFrame folder, which has an Index, as well as a stage, option, that lets you choose the input as you like.   This makes sense.  The others only work for one Syphon stream at a time.

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    That's good to know. Cheers.