• Hi, I've been experimenting with 1 video in and sending it to 4 stage outputs. However, I've notices the frame rate decrease with every stage I add. Meaning 1 stage it runs at 30fps. 2 stage each 15fps. By the time I'm at 4 it's noticeable stuttering video. My mac does it and PC using a AMD Radeon 6 output card does it too. My original thought was to use Izzy for monitor tiling (Putting 4 monitor together to make up 1 big one). Hmm.

  • Izzy Guru

    Are you playing HD videos?

  • Yes, It's live HD video via Blackmagic PCI card. I've tried other capture devices also though. If I only use one stage it's good. The problem is when I add more.

    I use a video watcher to get the video and then that one output goes to 6 projectors for the 6 stages.

  • Dear Craig,

    Mark Coniglio, creator of Isadora here. This is a very heavy patch no matter how you slice it. You're attempting to take a full HD image and upload it to six separate graphics GPUs. I'm not sure you're going to be able to achieve this at full frame rates.
    I assume you are eventually outputting to video projectors. Are your six video projectors all 1920x1080 resolution? If not, capture at a smaller size -- that will reduce the bandwidth, and thus improve performance.
    If you are attempting to "tile" images, you can also improve performance by using the Chopper or Chop Pixels actors to "chop" the HD image into six smaller parts. That means less bandwidth for each Projector output, which is the actor that does the job of getting the image uploaded to the GPU.
    When you say "My mac does it and PC using a AMD Radeon 6 output card does it too" -- are you saying you are able to output the video to six projectors using some other software or configuration? Please explain. That might allow me to guide you further.
    Best Wishes,

  • Hi craigw,

    I've had that kind of issues with isadora too.
    I think there is a "trick" that can improve your performances.
    For this you have to use the AMD GPU with eyefinity ( and 6 outputs on the same card ).
    All your video outputs must have the same resolution.
    You need to create a eyefinity group with all your outputs.
    Isadora will see it as a single monitor ( with super high resolution ).
    You use it as a single stage, and then you use several projectors, to place each image where it has to be.
    No garanty it works, but I've had in the past good results doing this.
    Feedback any result if you try it.