Stage and audio record?

  • Hi all easy question is it possible to record the stage out but also the live sound plus vsti all at the same time?need sound flower? What configuration? Thank you all !!! Maxi

  • Dear Maxi,

    The way I typically record the sound when rendering to the stage is to use Audio Hijack Pro ( -- it can record the main system audio to any format you like. Then I stitch the video and audio together in Final Cut or QuickTime Player Pro. For me, that's the simplest solution.
    Best Wishes,

  • Thaks mark!! So there is no way to record at the same time the audio and video out put ? And have it on syncro..? Big hug

  • Tech Staff

    you can use the syphon server in Isadora and record your output with syphon recorder (audio and video) make sure you also install Soundflower. In your systems settings select soundflower as your audio output. In syphon recorder your choose soundflower as audio source.


  • Tech Staff

    Thanx @Michel! Very helpful. I needed something like that.

  • Dear Feinsinn,

    Just take into account Michel's solution will only work if you are rendering at 100% speed (as specified in the Record Stage Setup dialog.)


  • Thank you all  guys !! i´ll be digging on it

    .... so the more I ak, the less i know...   
    big hug

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