Four Day Isadora workshop in Brighton, UK Nov 16-17 and 23-24

  • Hello Forum,

    There will be a four day Isadora training workshop in Brighton, running across two weekends **Nov 16-17 and 23-24**.   
    The first weekend is focused on learning how the software works for video, sound and networking (MIDI, OSC, Syphon etc). You'll be building mini designs using interactive sound and motion triggers, as well as simple live 'animations' and control systems for interactive control and live effects processing of your digital media. The second weekend will be set up with cameras in a gallery space in the same building, to put video tracking theories into practice.  We'll be covering tracking with web cameras as well as the kinect camera and exploring skeleton tracking as well. You'' learn how to use your own smart phones or tablets to control installations, as well as or bluetooth game controllers, like the WIi or playstation devices. 
    The workshop introduces you to interactive design concepts as well as helping you to acquire the skills you need in order to be able to continue building your own performance and installation designs after the workshop is over.  As the workshop host, I offer 13 years of professional experience designing with Isadora for theatre, dance and new music performance visuals, and have been using Isadora since the first beta release.  
    [**Here's the link**]( for more info.  
    Jamie Griffiths