Actor Organization - Best Practice

  • I would like to hear from the forum is there is a best practice on Issy actor organization.  I am wondering if more people create super long horizontal strings or stack the actors vertically and have bunch of zigzags.

  • Beta Tester

    I group actors based on what they are doing in the scheme of the whole patch. Groups are generally arranged to have signals flow from top to bottom and left right depending on the shapes of the actors and what makes the most logical sense to me given their respective functions. This all tends to fall apart when my patches get increasingly complex since I add stuff in but don't want to have to rearrange everything that is already there. I tend to have little trouble jumping into even the most complex of my patches a year or two after I made them and remembering what everything is doing so my goal is more to minimize scrolling and speed up programming and editing than it is to fully illustrate the patch's design. All of my user actors are demonstrations of what my layout style looks like if you are especially curious.