Sending midi or osc to 1.3.1f06 is slowing down izzi a lot.

  • Hallo 2 all.
    So, i have found another issue in 1.3.1f06 version. When sending midi  or osc to izzi (from outside, keyboard, other soft, etc) the FPS drop to 3 or 4 frames.  No mater what else is happening in Isadora.
    Again, same configuration in 1.3.0f24 works without problems.

  • Dear Ale,

    Try this test: in your .izz file, create an empty scene. Then send the MIDI or OSC to Isadora. Does the frame rate change in the Status Window? My guess is that the frame rate will remain solid.
    If not, then it could be that whatever you're doing when you receive the data is what is slowing down Isadora. For instance, changing the 'speed' of a movie frequently can cause very heavy CPU load depending on the codec. If you were to connect a MIDI continuous controller to the speed input of a Movie Player, and you were receiving lots of MIDI values very quickly, it could cause the whole program to slow down.
    In any case, I can take a look if you send me your patch and indicate which scene is causing the problem. Please take into account that I am in the midst of an artistic residency, and it may take a day or two before I get back to you.
    Best Wishes,