Projection format problem. urgent!!!

  • hello everyone,

    i have an urgent problem for a performance this friday. hope you can help me!
    in this performance, i have one videoprojector connected to my computer (mac book pro 10.6.8, 2.2 GHz, memory 4 GB) and i'm running Isadora for quite simple things. 
    my videos are 1280x720p and the resolution of the display is 600x800\. when i do so, the videos are projected correct with QT, but when i'm running my Isadora project the videos are squeezed to 4:3 resolution. my stage size in Isadora is 1280x720\. i tried to change my stage resolution and my display resolution but it doesn't change. i don't have 16:9 option in my videoprojector.
    i tried different codecs for my videos: AppleProRess (which worked very good with the videoprojector i had the last time we performed), and photo Jpeg. but the result was the same.   
    does someone have an idea?

  • In the Projector Actor, turn "keep aspect" ON.  It's off by default.



  • thanks!

    it works...(so simple).
    all the best,