• I'm hoping to get some clarifications on the use of the USB Key with Isadora.  Once it is registered and connected to it's primary computer, how often can you shift its use to different computers and what is needed to accomplish this?

    I've used Isadora for two previous projection designs for plays and requested it when I began teaching at Ashland University this fall.  We are doing our first production opening next week and I've been having one heck of a time figuring out the details of all this with our IT department.  They are very protective of the schools software to the point as a faculty member I'm not given access to registration codes or any information provided initially with the license or even admin rights on the computer to fix things as they go wrong.  It took over a month just to get the program installed on my office computer, so the response time is also a bit of an issue.  My plan was to program on that office computerand then transfer the dongle to a computer in the theatre space that is connected to the projector.  I'm being instructed by our IT department that they believe we might be limited to only being able to switch the dongle to 3 different computers but I thought this was the standard license and would not have requested the dongle had I known this to be the case.  If it wasn't for the desire to be able to instruct students on this, I'd get my own license and run it off my personal computers.  Any suggestions from people at other universities that have battled this issue before?  To this point we've been training our students only on powerpoint for projections, so we've got a ways to go but I'm just not sure how to get there with all the IT hoops.

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    Your belief is correct. The standard license is limited to 1 computer at a time but 3 registrations per year. The dongle can be moved around as much as you want.

  • Thank you!  I found the posting about the key mysteriously disconnecting for people and the description toward the end of the post of how to move the key without having to input the registration code every time it's on a new computer.  Super helpful since I can do that without having to call IT and wait a week for them to come and transfer it for me.  My previous experience with it didn't require the work around of zipping the program to a usb stick and opening it on the new computer.  The last posting on that forum was from Mark in April saying that they were checking with the new maker of the keys to determine why it was requiring the registration code input every time.  Anyone aware if there was further updates on this cause I haven't found anything.  We've got several computers in our department that I tried this on and it worked on my imac but didn't work on the newer macbook air I tried it on.

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    Matthew has answered you already but just incase you missed it: