Isadora through a dvi matrix switcher

  • Hello all,
    I have an interesting situation. I have a dance concert coming up where I have to use Isadora and Watchout in the same show. I have two projectors that are mounted to fill a 40 foot image. For part of the show I am going to have Isadora duplicated on both projectors and then later in the show I am going to switch over to Watchout on both projectors. I purchased a DVI matrix switcher to try and make the switch during the show. I hooked it up today and I couldn't get anything out of Isadora. One of the projectors was seeing a signal but it was just a black screen. I couldn't get Isadora/Mac computer to  to see the second projector. I know that not all matrix switchers are the same. This one is a Comprehensive switcher. Probably the cheapest I could find for $400. I am running Isadora off a Mac Pro with three dvi outputs. One standard dvi and two mini dvi outputs. Has anyone run into this situation and if so could you give me some advice. I hope this makes sense.

  • /for 400 it will probably just hard switch, you may well see the projector search for a signal each time you switch. You would also have to have the exact same refresh and resolution on both machines. this will be difficult (watchout on pc and izzy on mac are accessing slightly different timings on the outputs. You could possible solve the problem with edid parrots but what you want is a scaler switcher, much more expensive but it will do what you want. The tv one or kramer gear is at the cheaper end of the spectrum. You could also use dowsers and plug watchout in dvi and izzy in vga, close the dowsers and remote the projector to change inputs.

  • Thanks Fred as always for your expertise.


  • Thank you. I am going to try that today.

  • Fred,
    So I used your advice and have Watchout into the DVI input and Izzy into the VGA input. I was testing it out today and noticed that my graphic card in Watchout shut down when I switched over to Izzy. I was on Izzy and went back to Watchout and had to restart Watchout because it lost its EDID. I was wonder if Izzy would loose its EDID also coming out of a Mac Pro mini dvi to a vga adapter. It hasn't done it yet but I was wondering if it would. Do you have any experience with this?

  • Hi,

    If you go vga for the Isadora computer, I think you will have no problems ( I use to plug & unplug vga cables during setup, never had to restart ( on pcs )).
    For the DVI, I don't find it surprising.
    you can use this: [](
    to simulate an edid to your watchout computer.
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    This may be useful:
    its based on the TV One I believe.