• Hi,
    I'm using Isadora 1.30f24 on a Windows Machine (XP). I have a problem with the text in my radio buttons. There is always a rectangle sign in front of the text in a new line.




    Button1 | 0Button2 | 0Button3 ...

    (0 should be is the rectangle in my examples)

    It's independent to the font I use. I hope, anyone has an answer. It doesn't look pretty good.


  • This seems to be some kind of "carriage return" character that should not be there.... did you copy and paste the text? If you did paste it from another source, try typing the text instead and see if that helps.

    If not let me know.
    Best Wishes,

  • No, I typed it in directly in Isadora. It's always there . I tried to copy from different sources, too, e.g. from notepad. moeye

  • Dear Moeye,

    I cannot reproduce this behavior with 1.3.0f24 or the latest pre-release on Windows 7\. I do not have a running copy of Windows XP to test, so I cannot try it there.
    My only suggestion is to ensure you have the latest version of QuickTime from http://apple.com/quicktime -- see if there is an update and if updating helps.
    If not let me know and i'll see what else I can do.
    Best Wishes,