Tip: Mac OS X Audio - Random Pops -> Workaround

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    I don't know when this started but at a certain point, after connecting the headphone audio jack to a set of speakers, I was greeted with random pops. Notably, these went away when actually playing audio, but as soon as the audio stopped playing, the clicks came back.
    I finally had time to research this, and it is not an uncommon problem, and seems to be directly related to some kind of bug in Mac OS X having to do with powering up/down the audio card to save power.
    But one poster suggested a solution that works: play a silent audio file in a loop in QuickTime player. The fact that audio is being sent to the output ensures the power to the audio card is not turned off, and _voila_, no pops.
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  • like ! (omg - that"s so facebook) coughs. i like this cheeky workaround.

  • thanks! excellent tip.

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