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    @vbrosseau @Skulpture @feinsinn @mark @DusX

    It's finish.

    Click either "upcoming events" on the right bottom of the forum or via the troikatronix website menu "community --> calendar".
    I added an entry into the category "Events by Mark" (the only category for now) regarding the "Isadora Creative Space – Berlin" for October 25th. But also added "Date is not fixed yet and might change."
    So Mark has to edit that entry as soon as you all have decided for time and date.


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    A question to all, what default view are you prefering? At the moment the "Posterboard" view is the default one.
    Agenda seems to be a good one as well.

  • Tech Staff

    thanx, i like agenda

  • Tech Staff

    Looks good :)

  • Tech Staff

    Updated default view to agenda.

  • Tech Staff

    I like that you can print it too!

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    activated  "subscribe to this calendar".

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    For the beginning I think we will use the calendar only for workshops, either tought by Mark or any other person and for events only by Mark.

    If you want your workshop to be added in this calendar there are a few easy steps. This is the description if you are working with iCal.
    But Google Calendar and Outlook are working as well, you just have to publish you calendar, the format must be a .ics event feed.

    1. Create a new calendar in iCloud (call it for example Izzy)
    2. right click the calendar and select "sharing settings".
    3. tick the box "public calendar"
    4. after that there appears an address that you can send to yourself via email.
    5. Forward that Email with a short description of you to Mark, Graham or Me (or PM one of us here in the Forum.)

    Thats it, we will then add the calender feed to the website, with the categorie "workshops by "your name". As soon as you add a Workshop in ical (or other calendar) it will be added automatically in about an hour.
    Place your description of the event under notes.


  • That is great!
    Are you planning another workshop at 3LD Art and Technology Center next summer?
    Or any US locations?

  • Dear Vincent,

    In theory, I will be back to 3LD next summer, but it is up to them to decide -- nothing is definite on that one yet. There will also be a workshop in Seattle in January at Cornish College, but I am unsure if it is open to the public or not. And also, we will do our annual Troika Ranch Live-I Workshop next summer in Portland, OR. So there's a few options in the coming year.
    Best Wishes,

  • Dear Mark,
    That is great!
    I will see you either in NYC or in Portland.

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