• Hey Everyone!

    Me again :-)
    I'm trying to do something and I can't figure out how...
    For a show I'm doing this weekend, I am simulating a chat.. it is triggered from the actor's computers (but that is not relevant to this question)
    so - HOW do I make it so that while keys a-z are being clicked on, it displays a video, and when no one is typing - no video.
    sort of - projector visible only while keys are pressed..
    Any ideas?
  • Izzy Guru

    The keyboard watcher has a trigger 'X' every time a key is pressed; so using that linked to a toggle or envelope generator would be the way to go I think A couple of ways to do it really.

  • Tech Staff

    I would setup a 'special' key as the OnOff trigger.. and just ignore the rest, since it doesn't sound like you want live text to screen.