Audio playback continuation

  • Hi All

    I remember Mark demonstrating this in Berlin, I've been struggling with it all morning and can't quite seem to get it right...
    Basically, I have an audio file playing in scene A, I then want to go into scene B with the audio continuing without a break or jump.
    I know there is a really simple way to do this, but I simply can't remember. Can anyone remind me please?
    Thanks in advance

  • Tech Staff

    Create a blank scene with the audio player in. Use the activate scene actor to activate the scene but never open it. Then use isadora as normal. :)

  • Dear Willystyle,

    Go to the Help menu and choose **Online Tutorials > 13\. Activating Multiple Scenes** and you'll be reminded.
    Best Wishes,

  • Thanks mark and Skulpture, I knew it was something pretty simple (I totally forgot you had covered that in the Tutorials).

    Thank you.

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