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    Whilst investigating a bug, I came across this useful post regarding Legacy Codecs in 10.8\. The key information is now in the "this answered my question" portion right under the original question. (Thank you to the user Kiod, whomever you are.)
    To wit:
    In Lion or Mountain Lion, you have to specify what codec you want to enable:

    For PNG as an example, open Terminal and type:

    qtdefaults write LegacyVideoCodecs ApplePNG enabled

    if you are curious about other codecs use:

    qtdefaults read InstalledLegacyVideoCodecs

    This will give you a list of all the legacy codecs whether they are enabled or not. Find the name of what you want and replace the codec name part in the write formula above and you're set.

    For the full help menu of qtdefaults just type:


    My addition to this list is, to find out if a codec is enabled or disabled, enter the following in the Terminal:
    **read LegacyVideoCodecs CODEC-NAME-HERE**
    On a related note, in case people want it, you can always have QuickTime 7 around by downloading it and installing. Frankly, rarely a day passes when I don't use QuickTime 7 because of it's export or "quick and dirty" editing features.
    Hope that helps someone!
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