Custom Control Screen - OSC Design

  • Hey everybody...
    Quick question regarding a custom control screen.

    I am working on an OSC scene that uses several faders and buttons to control a midi light board and some sound effects. It all works great.
    I would like to have by-directional control from my ipad/iphone back to the izzy control screen.

    Move a fader up or down, press a button on the handheld - that fader would move or button would depress in the izzy control screen.
    Not sure if this is doable, but attached is a screen shot of the current setup.

    Any advice would be welcome, thanks in advance.
    I like the new forum format. Always a great community.



  • Beta Tester

    This should be completely doable, you just need to check the box in the control properties window that has its value match what it is connected to and then it should just do this for you. I forget the specific terminology but I can check when I get back to my computer if you haven't figured out what I'm referring too by then.

  • Thanks for the response Matthew.
    Good news on this being doable, but I can not see how/where the value match you mention comes into play.

  • Oops... show value of linked properties - check. Got it, thanks!