• Hello all,

    On a Mac here.
    I am wondering if anyone has tried sending email messages from Isadora. I am hoping to set up an Isadora kiosk that takes a photo of the user and then emails it to them.
    My best guess is that this might be done through a terminal command. . . Is there a way to send terminal commands with Isadora?
    Any thoughts or guidance would be much appreciated.
    Kind regards,
    Alex O.
  • Beta Tester

    You can do this with AppleScript and a utility that triggers AppleScripts based on MIDI

  • Tech Staff

    Or send a message via tcpip to a server side script (either on localhost or another live web server.)

  • Thank you for these nudges in the right direction.

    It is looking like automator might be offering some solutions to this problem as well . . .