PLEASE HELP! Linking scenes automatically

  • I've been back through multiple online tutorials and the manual.  I can't find the right verbiage or section to show me how to do this.  I simply want to create a scene and have it automatically jump to the next scene when it ends.  Getting frustrated.

  • It is hard to answer your question because there is no standard for when and how an Isadora scene "ends" - it all depends on what is happening within the scene.  As I mentioned in the other post, a lot of Isadora actors (movie player, envelope generator, etc) have end triggers, which will pulse when their given task is completed.  You can use one of these (depending on what is appropriate for your scene) to trigger a jump to the next scene.


  • The loop end device is what I was looking for.  Just something really basic that doesn't require someone pushing a button to go from scene to scene.  I'm sure I need more instruction on how to sequence different movie or sound clips and mix them together.  At this point, I will simply create a single scene for each clip and use the loop end and jump to send it to the next clip.  I hope I can fade and mix them smoothly enough a fade to make it sound good.  Thanks for responding Craig.  Much appreciated.

  • Tech Staff

    JUMP actor.

  • Dear Damen,

    Enter Scene Trigger -> Trigger Delay -> Jump. Set the time in the Trigger Delay actor to the amount of time you wish to spend in the scene.
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