Audio netReceive/netSend

  • Hi, I was trying to play around with the audio net receive and netsend actors. When I click the UI I get a very different UI than the normal apple one. Also I cannot get the net receive to work. It should have a way to select an incoming stream, there is a status input but that does nothing. Netsend does work but I cannot get access to the parameters to name the stream, you should also be able to set the quality.

    The net receive is classed as a generator but I don't think it is being handled properly by Isadora. It would be good to have access to these as they do allow for low latency high quality and stable audio over networks (even wifi), I am curious as to where the UI comes from as it has no functional settings.
    The net send will name all of its send channels AUNetSend and the receivers (in other software) will see these as AUNetSend, AUNetSend(1) etc making it very difficult to use.
    Maybe someone has another solution or a way they made this work?

  • I never understoot how this works. I think it i s something like sound flower isn't it?

  • It is much better than sound flower as it lets you send high quality audio either between apps or between machines with bonjour.

  • Cool. But as you suggest it doesn't seem to work...

  • Well it actually works fine (I have been coding with the AU subsystem and linking my stuff to and from many other apps), it is Izzy that does not work in this case.


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