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    While I am aware that this has been oft requested in the past, I wanted to drop a note requesting ArtNet actors in Isadora. Not only is there no way to do this on Windows at all, but the only way to do it on OSX is with Kineme's actor which they have announced will not necessarily work with Mountain Lion and they have no plans to work on insuring compatibility. While I appreciate the it is possible to connect via DMX using a USB DMX Pro or LanBox, ArtNet is often a much more practical methode of interfacing with DMX equipment and the increasing difficulty of using it within Isadora is a little bit problematic. Mark, I don't know whether you are saving this functionality for Isadora Pro or if there is some underlying technical reason why this is an especially difficult feature to add but if neither of these are the case I would love to see ArtNet added to the feature request list.

  • Dear Matthew,

    I am discussing some possibilities with Kineme. I will keep you updated.
    Best Wishes,
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    Thanks Mark!

  • Wondering also about Sandbox actors for DMX - same kind of issue.  I have a sandbox USB to DMX box, would rather not spend $500 all over again for someone else's device that duplicates its functionality.

  • I have posted on the Kineme site. I dont know how Kineme operate but surely they have experience with Artnet. I need a programmer there to familiarize himself with the Isadora SDK. But surely there are also cross platform OS specific issues. Mark if you know what the OS specific issues are, please elaborate.

  • How urgent are you waiting for arnet. I have been using a bit from openframeworks, pretty easy and very reliable. I also use QLC+ which is cross platform (even now on rasberryPi). It is not inside izzy but with OSC control ti is pretty nice to use. On the Pi you access the system via a webpage and you can create complex lighting cues (I think it is easier than programming lights in Izzy as it has scene and fixture support that propagates changes through your show. I was trying to do everything in Izzy as well but for moving lights and colours it is a bit of a pain when you have a lot of fixtures. With QLC+ (which is free an dopen source) I can create complex scenes and chasers and then control them from izzy. As it is a lot more than just next cue control as I edit and re-arrange my show the changes are followed by the lighting controller. At 50 bucks for a PI and free software it is a pretty neat way of running things.