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    Of course we can use ipad apps to control isadora like the great touch osc or even better, the lemur. But everybody knows how tedious is to build a specific interface and to assign each controller to Isadora. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have an app that replucates automatically certain control panels into an iPad/iphone app automatically over wifi?
    That's what MIRA does with Max/msp. It is an ipad app that instantly and automatically replicates parts of a max/msp patch and uses wifi ton interact with the patch.
    Mark? ;-) of course it is not an izzy priority but it is interesting (also as a market) Who would buy that? I would

  • I've been thinking about that as well. An Izzy app on ipad, so you can build the control panels and have it controlled by the touch screen instead of using the mouse. And seeing Izzy's logo as an app just sounds super exciting.

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    I would buy it too;-)

  • As the creator of Mira, I think you should do it.

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    People often ask me via my blog/email and at conferences 'does isadora have an app'....

    I don't see the benefit. This is exactly what touchOSC, Lemur solves. 
    You all know me - I love my software, gadgets and gizmos! But an Isadora app I actually don't get. Create a few templates in TouchOSC and jobs done. Create an OSC actor for OSC 'echo' basically OSC lean so it sends OSC back for two way control and jobs done.
    I think the problem is Isadora is used in such a variety of ways that the app would never suit your individual needs.
    Happy to be proved wrong, maybe I am missing something? :)
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    I think the idea behind this is, that you do your controls on the computer in Isadora and the app mirrors excactly your controls. Idealy not in a "Teamviewer" or "VNC" way but maybe sending all needed values for the app to create them on the mobile device and then communicates two ways via osc. Would just be easier for lots of people.


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    I guess my issue is that an app can be quite 'sandboxed' and can only do so much.

    Apps like TouchOSC and Lemur do a great job at breaking those boundaries. I just struggle to see why we need an isadora specific app? All the controls in Isadora can be (99% of the time) replicated in such apps already. 
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    For once Skulpture I don't agree. in this sense. Of course touch osc can do the job. But in terms of efficiency mira beats ALL of the touche control software for ipad and iphone because it is ZERO CONFIG. Doing win interface in Isadora is the best and easiest way in the patch chord software but redoing an exact copy of Isadora in touch osc or lemur needs various steps

    1) ip config
    a)checking mac
    2) port config
    checking isadora port
    3) replicating each controller in the Touch osc or lemur mac or pc app
    4) replicating each controller's name
    5) resizing the overall layout dimensioning each controller
    6) upload to device
    In Mira..... none of these steps is necessary. it is a LOOOOOT less. In fact: None
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    I am happy to be proved wrong if it was to happen :)

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    The other thing that is really missing in all these OSC based apps is any sort of realtime video or still image feedback. There isn't a good way to do a real bin picker without a dedicated app.

  • Is there not a screen share app for ipad that you could just hook up to isadora's controls?

    This way you could see things like image bins, etc.

  • Ok then. Good talk, guys, good talk.