Madmapper + Isadora

  • Hello,

    My configuration: 1 output> TripleHead> 3 videoprojector, 1 output> 1 videoprojector.
    I want to receive MadMapper in a single image of the 4 screens.
    If I use the actor "Syphon Stage Output" I need two stages. (TripleHead + 1 Screen).
    MadMapper but can only receive one Syphon Server!
    I want to project a TripleHead + screen side by side picture. (see picture)
    Do you have any idea?
    2nd question:
    To receive the Syphon in MadMapper I need to "show stages" in Isadora.
    The graphics card works 2 times right? Once for Isadora and once to MadMapper
    Thank you


  • not help?

  • Tech Staff

    I have a feeling that you can only do this with 'show stages' active. Its the only way Syphon can grab the image stream and pull it into MadMapper.

  • Thank you for the answer.
    It's a shame, because Madmaper has only one Syphon input.
    But for what I want, I have a TripleHead + 1 other screen.
    So two Stages.

  • Tech Staff

    Perhaps this can help?. the 'MAD_Doubler'

  • I had already thought about this solution.
    Shame not to have the solution internally in Isadora.
    thank you


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