• hey!

    i am trying to get Quicktime pro 7 up going on my mac OS 10.7 so I can make multiple sound channels files. But  i can not get it working. Is there any other way around getting four speakers up running?
    All best Sissel

  • Dear Sissel,

    Did you configure the Audio Midi Setup program for four speakers?
    Best Wishes,

  • Hey MArk!

    No, what is the Audio midi setup?

  • I have configured this audio midi setup in Isadora. My problem is that I can not get Quiktime pro working on my computer so I can make Multichannels Files... Is it still the only way of playing four channels in Isadora?

  • Izzy Guru

    What do you mean by I can not get Quicktime pro working on my computer? Because basically you need that. Either pay the small fee (its worth it) or find someone who has it and buy them a beer and lend it for half an hour ;)

  • Dear Sissel,

    Audio Midi Setup is a Utility Program found /Applications/Utilities.
    If you want to play multi-channel audio from a movie, then you must have a way to make the movie. But QuickTime Pro isn't the only way. A quick google search turned up this tutorial on how to do it in Final Cut Pro X. Premiere must have a similar feature.
    The only other way to play multi-channel audio is using the AUAudioFilePlayer, which is part of the Core Audio upgrade. But this is an audio-file only solution; it doesn't play video also.
    I hope that gets you going.
    Best Wishes,