• Does anyone have a patch that gets the run time of a movie or audio file and displays in minutes & seconds: the total run time, the lapsed time and the remaining time?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Vanderzee,
    I only have made these :

    • TimeCode Trigger : User actor to send trigger at specific TimeCode of the movie player.
    • TimeCode Jump : User actor to jump the movie player to a specific TimeCode.
    • TimeCode View :  User actor to show the actual position (in HH:MM:SS:FF) of the movie player

    Hope it's some leads for you.


    4a9bd8-timecode-jump-1.0.iua 6d2a5e-timecode-trigger-1.0.iua 99fa14-timecode-view.iua

  • Izzy Guru

    @vanderzee see above post
    @CitizenJoe thanks :-)

  • i keep getting a bug in Time Code Viewer:
    when i make a patch the minutes and seconds are correct--seconds count up to 59 and then rollover to the next minute.
    when i quit Isadora and reopen the same patch, the seconds only count up to 49 and then rollover to the next minute.

    it's a simple mixer patch for QT movs of different music that can be triggered by a performer. pic of the interface with minutes/seconds attached below.

    this actor is perfect to make simple machines for non-technical people; i really like it but i tried a lot of different things and the problem happens every time i reopen after saving and quitting the app.

    i made a simple patch with no GUI and it still happens. i have posted movies of the before (upon completing and saving) and after (upon quitting Isadora and reopening saved patch) behavior at http://www.mixedmsg.com/tcv/

    (i couldn't figure out how to get the triggered QT to do a GUI readout of michel's patch, which also looks perfect when you need the exact numbers--for this application minutes and seconds are sufficient)

    thank you both for making them, just trying to figure out how to get the readout incorporated into the interface and reading correctly. i am just starting with using izzy for this so i could easily be doing something problematic in the hook-up.

    macbook pro 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5, 4 GB Ram, OS 10.6.8
    Isadora 1.3 of24

  • 0ca773-qtmov_time.png

  • You might need to send me the patch so I can have a look. mark [atta] troikatronix [dotta] com