• Hi,
    Maybe take a look at Millumin.. : http://www.millumin.com/
    It's fast, it has a great sequential timeline based cue system, it has been 64bits rewritten, supports Hap...


  • Thanks, Millimin looks cool. I will have to wait until the Windows version is released though :-(

    Hap is exciting, it looks to be as efficient as Resolume's DXV codec. I wonder if it would help the performance of Isadora's video playback.

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    There has been some discussion about the HAP codec here:


  • Super cool! Thanks for the link, Sk. I like your site and appreciate all of your tutorials and especially the MIDI learn actor you created - saving me HOURS as I map my controllers.

    I am looking forward to the FFGL version of Isadora. I hope that this will be out soon.

    Does anyone know if there is an ETA on this? I imagine it will be a game changer for the performance of Isadora.

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    One note on HAP.. although there is development I don't believe a windows version of the codec if available yet.

  • Touch Designer 088 is using apparently. Is decoding/encoding application specific?

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    No problem @jtsteph thanks for the feedback.

    Mark is developing lots of new features. It is not my place to say what and when they will be out though. 

  • Well after running some tests and mucking about, I have settled on Isadora for the show! I am doing some projection and motion tracking tests at the big stage in a couple of weeks to get a feel for it on site. I am excited about it. Thanks for the input that you've offered up here.

    You'll now probably see more on other parts of the forum asking all kinds of questions. 
    One think I would be happy to offer up would be my controller mappings. I created mappings and onscreen controls for the new Behringer CMD MM-1 and LC-1 that work quite nicely - all the buttons change colors when activated etc. I will post these later this week.

  • Hey, 

    I did a show in February with Mapio and Isadora... Edge blending+3d warping to a curved surface with 3 projectors. it was quite a bit of a work around because I had to use mapio inside Quartz Composer to support the FFGL plugin. 
    So it worked as follows:
    Isadora outputting 3072x768 -> Via Syphon -> Syphon into quartz and using FFGL work around in QC to use mapio as the final output that chopped video into three, let me warp the ends and edge blend the three projectors. 
    Hopefully with the newer version of mapio we can just syphon out of izzy into Mapio directly. Annoyingly I had to use a tripple head to go out of the Mac Pro because I couldnt get OSX to do the extended desktop with separate outputs (mind numbingly annoying), but it worked nicely. 
    http://vimeo.com/64333393  - Some pictures/video of the show.
    http://troikatronix.com/community/#/discussion/521/on-edge-blending-3d-warp-distortion-quartz-composer-and-syphon  - my original post about it

  • this is rather an old thread now, but I ran across it searching FFGL, so just a quick post to make sure people know that the current answers to the original posters question, is yes, yes, and yes with version 2.0 of Isadora supporting FFGL, GPU accelerated processing and sophisticated built in projection mapper. And more... A lot can happen in 10 months!!! ;)

    More info here: http://troikatronix.com/support/kb/isadora-v2-new-features/