• i'm building patches for a show this weekend, and have run into a couple of unusual bugs.

    firstly - layers don't seem to have any effect. i'm trying to mask an area of the screen by using a shape or a background sent to a projector (set to opaque) with a higher layer number, but the image still shows through.
    and - Shapes actor - the facets and rotation input have no effect on the shape drawn.
    any ideas why these are happening?
  • Izzy Guru

    I can confirm this. My shape actor is not rotating or changing either. This must be a bug.

    Not tested layers.

  • Dear dbini,

    First, regarding the Shapes actor: did you set the "shape" input to to "polygon" before you tried to change the facets? The 'facets' and 'rotation' parameter have no effect if the "shape" input is "rectangle" or "oval."
    Regarding the layering: what is the 'blend mode' of the lower layer? if it is set to 'additive', then it will also show up. Make sure the lower layer is set to 'transparent' or 'opaque.' 
    I just tried it myself and layering is doing what I would expect. So if the above suggestion doesn't help please post an example .izz file so I can see exactly what you're doing.
    Best Wishes,

  • Thanks Mark,

    in the Shapes actor I had missed the 'polygon' option.
    i've found a workaround for the masking for this weekend, so i'll investigate exactly what's going on with layers after that, and get back to you with results and an example if i'm still having problems.