• Hi,

    Is anyone else experining a delay with the envelope generator and the envelope generator ++ in izzy version f06?  I am using an EG to fade out a 720p movie file and am using the "trigger" on the EG to jump to my next scene.  (For some reason, the normal way of fading in this particular scene causes a slight blink before transitioning so I am skinning the cat a different way)  Anyway when the EG is around 97-98% it holds for about 3-5 seconds before finishing.  Both EG and EG++ are reacting the same way.

    I have a few days for the show goes up.  I am also going to save down the movie files and reload them...not sure if the movie file size would have anything to with it.


  • Dear djprovost,

    It sounds like Isadora is getting stuck when preloading your movies. Try setting the movie input to 0 (i.e., no movie) for all movie players, and run your scene. Does it work as you expect? 
    What is the resolution of your clips and what codec are you using? Have you read these very important tips regarding codecs? http://troikatronix.com/support/kb/optimizing-for-speed/ If you are using H264, I strongly recommend using Photo JPEG at 50 or 75% quality.
    Best Wishes,