• hi, working on a kinect setting, i have speed problems with my 2007 mbpro. i have 5 videos playing simultan on 5 3dprojectors.

    what is the best way to have the main output to the projector but have a simple low-res presentation of all on the laptop screen (for performer positioning)?
    merci! alf

  • Dear Abanze,

    Well, there are two ways to do it: one is to use the Stage Preview control in the Control Panel, and the other is to simply set up another Stage that appears on your laptop screen and to render the video twice. Both will degrade performance to some extent however. You can try both to see which one affects performance the least.
    To set up an extra stage, set the "Place On" in the Stage tab of the Isadora Preferences to "Display 6" or some other display you're not using.
    Best Wishes,

  • thank you!