Tiny, Wireless Computer with OSC - Nice!

  • Dear All,

    Figured this would be of interest to many here.
    From the company's website:
    _x-OSC is a wireless I/O board that provides just about any software with access to 32 high-performance analogue/digital channels via OSC messages over WiFi. There is no user programmable firmware and no software or drivers to install making x-OSC immediately compatible with any WiFi-enabled platform. All internal settings can be adjusted using any web browser._
    It has both onboard accelerometers _and_ gyroscopes. Pretty cool.
    Best Wishes,
  • Izzy Guru

    Very cool. OSC and WIFI win win.

  • Beta Platinum

    Thank you. Just emailed them if I can get OSC messages from 10 IR sensors to Isadora. That would be perfect for my next installation.

  • Nice!