Controlling a sub or master on a lighting board?

  • has anyone tried to slave the venue lighting board itself, as opposed to going straight to dimmers via DMX?

    this show has a single Q that will be: built on a lighting console, recorded, and then run from a sub or master fader at various levels between 0-100%. the venue has no onstage control master so we are trying to figure out if it can be run through izzy.

    we have a hardware midi interface (faders/buttons) to an isadora patch playing various sound movies on faders, and would also like to control the single light Q's intensity by having it be loaded at 100% on the lighting console and then raising and lowering the level on a 'grandmaster' run through isadora; ie, sending the instructions to the lightboard from the stage.

    the main board is a Leprecon LP 1600+

    is this possible?

  • I do this a lot with a variety of Desks but not this one before. looks pretty straightforward in the manual it says controller 55 will control the master.

  • hi fred

    good to know it has been done-
    does that mean we need to send DMX signal? (with intermediate box i assume)   or midi?
    which actor combo do you use?

    sorry about my ignorance, background is video


  • Midi send control will do it