How create a horloge who sent 1 trigger per day

  • Hello , I tried to do an horloge with the clock actor and time of day actor but I don't how to create a one trigger day. Does somebody know how to do it (There's a picture of the try)

    Thank you


  • I've got the same probleme...

  • Well, try this :

    a Clock and a Comparator,
    thinking that a day number, or a second, an hour, etc. is always non equal to 0...
    [edited] i am writing to fast... Replace '0' by '-1', or '999' !!
    A little patch is attached
    Hope that helps


  • Thank you for your answer but i couldn't opened the patch, and i think my patch was wrong also, here is a new one. could you sent me again your patch?

    thank you very much


  • I can open it OK running latest Isadora.35ace0-once-a-day.jpg

  • Hi !

    _(excuse my english, i'm french)_
    viewing to your patch, perhaps i don't have understood your demand...
    If you want a trig corresponding to every new day of the real life, my patch is fine. At midnight, every day, the 'number' of day parameter in the Clock actor is changing. Considering that this number, whatever he is between 1 and 31, will never be equal to 0, or -1, or 999, etc., you can use a simple Comparator.
    So, a Comparator actor, set like this :
    **compare = ne (non-equal),**
    **value 1 = the number of the day coming out of the Clock,**
    **value 2 = 0, or -1, or 999, etc.,**
    **notify = always**,
    will trig a 'true', every day.
    And after, you do what you want with this trig !
    But if you want something different, you must precise your purpose
    Is it ok ?

  • thank you very much for your answer, I have to sent 2 triggesr per days for a light sculpture and it has to change every month(We have to follow sunset and sunrise) but i couldn't did a trigger for a specific time with hour and minutes(Ex: 07h15). I would need a actors witch could sent a trigger after receiving 2 trigger for the hour and for the minute. Sorry for approximate english, i'm french also. Have you got an idea to do it ? Do you know how to use time of day actors?

    Best wiches

  • Hi

    I tried to make a patch, and while testing it I found a bug in the "Clock" actor (I opened a new thread).
    But I'm thinking of a simple fact : there is delay trigger...
    You can trig every day (my patch do), and then this trigger trigs a delay trigger. For example 7 hours and 25 in the attached patch.
    I made a screen picture too.
    J'espère que ça va aider ! (Hope that helps !)

    d5fec3-a-7h-and-25min-screen.png e35ccb-a-7h-and-25min-trigger-after-midnight.izz

  • Dear All,

    Regarding the 'bug' found in the Clock actor, there is an easy workaround. Please see here for more details:
    Best Wishes,

  • Thank you for all the contributions I try to do what you told me, and i will come back.

    Best wishes

  • Thank's verry mutch it work well ;o)

    ça a beaucoup aidé ;o)