Convert User Actor to New Format : a strange command

  • Hi every one !
    _Please excuse my english, I'm french..._
    Usually, i like to understand what i am doing.
    I'm working on a quite big patch, which involves more of 200 actors (whose about 40 of them are users actors using 10 actors on average).
    Among them, i use lots of "Trigger value", and some "Float to Integer".
    The "Float to Integer" was bugged in the previous versions of Isadora, and i had reported it.
    The bug is now fixed (in fact, it is written thas it is fixed) on 1.3.1f06.
    A few days ago i launched my patch, and boom!, unexpected error, involving "Float to Integer". O noooo.
    So i decided to explore my patch again. And what a surprise : while right-clicking on a "Float to Integer",
    i read on the menu a line called "Convert User Actor to New Format". So, ok, i clicked on this choice.
    Then, right-clicking on the same "F to I" actor, the line has disappeared, and so i presumed that this particular actor has been updated, or replaced, by a new version.
    when i right-click to another "F to I", the line "Convert User Actor to New Format" is still there.
    Ok, so i presumed that i have to find every "F to I" actors, and update them manually.
    when i drag and drop a new "F to I" from the left menu, surprise, i have to update it too !
    while right-clicking on a "Trigger Value" actor, what a surprise, i have the same choice of "Convert etc." !
    my questions are :
    - am i missing something ?
    - is there a way (apparently not !...) to update ALL instances of ALL kind of actors which have to be updated (including those who are inside user actors) ?
    I am confused and doubtful...
    Francois Peyrony (fypy)

  • Anyone ?

  • Mmmm, perhaps i have to be more direct in my question. I try it ?
    - Why is there an option, while right-clicking on an actor like "Trigger Value", named "Convert user actor to new format" ? Trigger value is a common actor, not a user actor...
    - When the option is checked, it disappears. Have something changed, and what, for this control ?
    - Is it important ??
    Thank you !

  • Dear Fypy,

    Sorry for the delay in responding. The fact that the "Convert User Actor to New Format" comes up in the pop-up menu is a mistake. This should only appear when you right-click (control-click) a version 1 User Actor -- which is from a long, long time ago.
    I have recreated the bug and it is already fixed for the next release. But for now, don't choose it on anything except a User Actor. (And probably not even then, because it is only for this very old version of the User Actor.) 
    If you are having a crash with the Float to Integer, it is simply because something is different in your patch. If the error happens consistently, you can send me your patch to mark [atta] troikatronix [dotta] com and I will investigate.
    Best Wishes,
    Best Wishes,