Feedback for a video mixing patch i've been working on

  • Hey everyone,

    I've been using Isadora for about two years now.  Mainly, I have been using it for VJ purposes.  This is a patch that I made initially for AKAI MPD, but expanded it to use with the M-Audio Radium 61\.  It works with 2 channels of video with 16 cue points.  The user can mix with combinations of HSL and Luminance Keys and also mix in a alpha mask 3rd layer for logo's, etc.  It includes tap tempo and the ability to multiply or divide the note by different "note" lengths (1/2, 1/4, triplet, whole note, etc).  I will probably change this section because I dont typically need as many choices for division/multiplication.
    Since I am quite new to the video world and Isadora is really the only program I am working with, I would really appreciate any feedback that might tighten up/clean up the patch, workflow, or even suggestions to add more creative possibilities.  
    I've tried to make comments to make more sense of some of the madness.  I also uploaded all my user actors.  Please let me know if you have any questions.
    Thanks so much!
    I'm using the Mac version of Isadora 1.3.0f22 

    85c6bc-trek-radium-vj-template.izz 4a5238-akai-temp.iua 1f2190-hsl-midi.iua 7923d9-lumi-midi.iua 0a87a1-logo-mask.iua

  • Tech Staff

    Hi Trek
    It looks like you have but a lot of effort into the patch, and have managed to get a good variety of features up and running.
    My main suggestion would mostly be in regards to modularity. As it is the patch is complex looking, mostly due to being a bit of a fish net of patch cords. I would suggest trying to isolate functions (more than you have) to create additional user actors (the ones you have are definitely helping to clean it up).
    I would also suggest, if you have not to go through my 'video sequencer' tutorial.. it isn't perfect, but does give a decent approach to embedding components logically to clean up a patch, and in the end the sequencer is a rather cool little tool I use for VJing rather often.

    After that I would suggest taking a look at the inners of my SYST3M video mixer, I have work hard to keep it clean and modular. Again not perfect, and I would change somethings if I were to start over, but there are some good tricks to be learned with a little snooping around in there.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

  • Thanks for taking the time and for the links to the tutorials. i will definitely be going through those!