Noob Here - Attaching Control ID's?

  • Hello...
    This seems so basic, yet I can not get it to work.

    I am using a control panel, and trying to get a movie player to attach/play to a Monitor with a control ID of #1
    No matter how or where I drag the control ID connector, it will not attach to the video out of the movie player.

    How do I get movie #1 to show up in the Monitor ID-1 ?

    Also, how do you delete these control ID's once attached.
    The only way I can find to do this is to delete the actor.

    As always, assistance is appreciated


  • Figured it out I knew there was something missing... click on the output title and bring up the settings pop-up window, then select the control ID.

    For future reference of similar situations... can you delete your own posts?

  • Beta Tester

    You can also do this by clicking and dragging from the little box on the upper right hand corner of the control itself to the input or output on the actor to which you would like to connect it.