• Hey all,

    I'm desperately trying to get Isadora to talk to my enttec box. I did it before about 5 months ago and it worked perfectly but now it just won't.
    When I go to serial set up its not saying that the enttec box is connected. I did get it pop up once and then it went offline again. I have two boxes and have tried both and neither are working :/
    I thought it might be because my machine was upgraded to Mountain Lion but then I tried it on a Lion machine and a Snow leopard machine and all with the same results. I can only imagine that I have missed a step out somewhere along the way that I've forgotten to do.
    I have attached a single led light to the enttec box, set to channel 1 and I'm (trying) to use matrix value send actor to control it.
    Any thoughts/advice?
    Many thanks in advance :)
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    I dont' know if this issue is related but it sounds like you have driver issues so:
    hopefully that helps.

  • There are 3 sets of drivers that can run the enttec box. They are VCP, D2XX and some software contains its own driver that activates when you launch. For Isadora you need the VCP driver. Other drivers that may have been installed on your system will give conflict. First go through the FTDI driver uninstall instructions, uninstall all kinds just in case. Install the vcp driver. Look for a software called ministage console if that works Izzy should work. I was having a strange issue ages ago that Izzy would only see the ENTTEC if I had run ministage console for a few seconds first. There are also resources for resetting and reinstalling the devices firmware on the ENTTEC site.

  • here is à programm that help installing the version of driver you need for the enttec for windows http://zadig.akeo.ie/ it works very well.

  • Hey all,

    Thanks very much for this, I'd forgotten to get back and post again. I'l give it a try out this week and see what happens!
    Cheers again for all your help!

  • Ok I'm still battling with this!!

    Ive been using a mac up to now and its still not working. I tried on a pc and I can get the pc to talk to the enttec box with the enttec pro manager and the ministage console but not in isadora for some reason.

    Here's what I have been doing to try to get it to work, can anyone have a look and see if I have missed a step out somewhere please?

    In Isadora

    1. Communications - Enable serial ports
    2. Communications - Serial Port set up - Port 1 - Enttec box - OK (i dont change any other values)
    3. Matrix Value send - Port 1 - Master: 100 - Bump: Off - Values: 1 - Channels: 1-4 - Value:100

    Its connected to an LED light set to DMX channel 1, which like I say, I am able to control with everything else just not in isadora, so I must be doing something wrong.

    I'm pulling my hair out over this, any ideas?


  • Dear Bootzilla,

    Do you have the ENTTEC User actor that has, within it, a Matrix Value Receive that broadcasts the data to the ENTTEC? Nothing is going to happen without this actor. Also, the Scene within which the ENTTEC User actor lives must be active; usually this is done using a secondary scene.
    I've attached the example patch so you can look at it. Follow the instructions, and change the channel numbers in the Matrix Value Send actors to match the ones you need for your light.
    Best Wishes,


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    thanks (again) Mark. I never used the enntecc before because unclear (diver stuff, then complex serial  actor) Then couples of matrix vamue send and receive. Nothing dramatic, but still, what you accomplished with the lanbox is so much easyer.... Even though the lanbox channels actor can only have have a number of consecutive channel. But it is so much more elegant....
    Anyway, with yout FINAL explacnation I got i running in a sec. Anyone knows if it works also with the new pro MK2

  • Hello Bootzilla,

    Do you have a scene active with the Matrix Value Receive actor in it?  These actors work together and the Receive actor needs specific settings as per Mark's example patch above.
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    Maybe add mark's mail to knowledge base?