Hi Russell & Jean- Francois

Many thanks for those two fantastic solutions and possibilities.

The more i thought of my wish to automate the process of using syphon, the less I reckoned it was the ideal solution. From previous experience, it has worked like a charm for me.

I have tried the web URL FFplugin briefly and it seems to working pretty well. I have 2 beefy machines set aside for this task and it seems to work pretty well. The Vuo software seems fantastic. I often see plugins et al but realise how little I know goes into making them. Looking at this and some of the pretty amazing things people do here, I can see how this has been elevated to a feature request.

I am more of a lurker than a contributor but I do enjoy this forum as there are some pretty smart people with some fantastic ideas out there and some post on here.

Many thanks.

I reckon this might be my solution.


Many thanks for the excellent tips.