Just thought I'd share this interactive / generative installation which is up in Montreal until Dec 18th 2020 at the Maison de la Culture Maisonneuve

'La Lune Est...' displays a series of texts - metaphors that describe the moon - onto a circular back projection screen.


The generative element comes from an optical fedback loop, created with a cctv camera pointed at the screen, and a couple of wave generators to oscilate the contrast and mix in effects (an yes - that is DITHER!!!! I'm still using v2.6.1 for this as I love that effect so much.)

The text is read from a .txt file, which is stored on Dropbox, , which is itself updated from an applet on If This Then That (https://ifttt.com/home - very easy to use) - which means anyone can add their text to the piece easily via a hashtag or google form.

The screen was made by https://www.extension.ca/en in Montreal it cost me about CAD$1000 / £700 including local delivery - it has an aluminum frame, breaks down into patrs, and has a IFR stretch fabric screen with a hem.